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Cumin Chickpea and Tomato Stew

This stew is a family favorite.  On top of being so quick to do, being cheap, it is a great meal to bring a long on a camping trip as this is a complete pantry meal so you can easily save this one for the last meal on the trip.  You can also swap or… Continue reading Cumin Chickpea and Tomato Stew

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Butter-less Chicken with Vegetarian Option

This all-time favorite is easy to do at home and do it in a healthy way minus the butter and/or cream, while still achieving the amazing taste of butter chicken.  Trying to cut back on meat lately, I did the same recipe but with chick peas and was surprised on how good it tasted! So… Continue reading Butter-less Chicken with Vegetarian Option

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Chickpea and Lime Couscous Salad

Looking for that 15 minutes no-fuss side to that grilled chicken this summer? Look no further because this salad will be ready in 15 minutes while your chicken is cooking away on the grill.  On top of being done in record time, it would also make a great lunch the next day, with or without… Continue reading Chickpea and Lime Couscous Salad