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Roasted beets and almond pesto

First off i’d like to apologize for taking so long into doing a new post.  but I do have a good excuse! I have finally started my own catering business!  Basilic & Ciboulette was born in September and I could not be prouder.  As you can imagine it is very time consuming to get this… Continue reading Roasted beets and almond pesto


Chocolate Tofu Pudding Cups with Crunchy Bits

Alert**Alert**Alert! This is a 3 ingredients dessert that will be completed in 5 minutes! Yes you heard right! ok maybe 10 minutes if you are being fussy of how you place the chocolate wafers in! 😉 My kids are always asking me for a dessert other then the all nutritious yogurt and fruit so I figured… Continue reading Chocolate Tofu Pudding Cups with Crunchy Bits