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Homemade Ketchup

So here is one of my pet peeves: ketchup!!!  I think that it’s really just a lot of sugar with a little tomato taste and kids really like to put that stuff on everything way too much.  I try to avoid it as much as I possibly can with two 5 year olds in the house,… Continue reading Homemade Ketchup

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Crock Pot Sausage and Kale Spaghetti Sauce

This spaghetti sauce recipe is the perfect way to get many things done at once.  I love the crock pot for that purpose. Hands free cooking is practical when you want to get everything done at once.  You can do this over the weekend or you could easily get everything ready the night before and… Continue reading Crock Pot Sausage and Kale Spaghetti Sauce

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Crock Pot No Fuss Coconut Milk Chicken

This was so easy to make and soooo delicious that you would never believe that no work was involved in this one.  A part from chopping an onion that is the extent of the work needed, the rest is simply to dump in the crock pot, give it a stir and let it cook.  I… Continue reading Crock Pot No Fuss Coconut Milk Chicken

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Ricotta Gnocchi with Mushroom Ragu

  This seems like a fairly complicated recipe, but really making ricotta gnocchis is so easy that with only 2 ingredients, there is no reason to not go ahead and make these! On a lazy sunday afternoon, this is the perfect recipe to tackle on and impress yourself and others with the results! These are… Continue reading Ricotta Gnocchi with Mushroom Ragu

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BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

This is one of my most popular recipes from my book.  It is an easy crowd pleaser and you can feed a lot of people on just one recipe.  I usually double up and freeze some for a quick weekday meal or use some to do a twist on a classic Sheppard pie. (Place pulled… Continue reading BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

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Lazy Meatballs with Quick Mustard Sauce

This recipe comes together quickly even on a busy weeknight if you have 30 to 45 minutes to spare, depending on how quick you throw things together and how many little hands will be helping you roll the meatballs! 🙂 Meatballs are always a hit at my house and doing them in the oven is… Continue reading Lazy Meatballs with Quick Mustard Sauce

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Crispy Orange Tofu

I’m happy to say this recipe was a mistake as it turned out to be a terrific one!  I was in the mood for something bright and the only citrus I had was orange marmalade.  And so I went the Asian route and opted to make a sort of General Tao sauce to it.  My… Continue reading Crispy Orange Tofu