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Yogurt, Lime and Smoked Paprika Grilled Chicken

These grilled chicken breast are perfect to welcome this gorgeous weather!  Ready in no time, you can let these marinate for a few hours and just throw them on the BBQ when you are ready to eat.  Serve these with a little rice, salad, pita or grill some beautiful zucchinis dusted with sumac and salt… Continue reading Yogurt, Lime and Smoked Paprika Grilled Chicken

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BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

This is one of my most popular recipes from my book.  It is an easy crowd pleaser and you can feed a lot of people on just one recipe.  I usually double up and freeze some for a quick weekday meal or use some to do a twist on a classic Sheppard pie. (Place pulled… Continue reading BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

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Spice Crusted Pork Tenderloin

This is most definitely one of my most popular recipes! The perfect combination and ratio of spices makes this rub perfect on almost anything!  Try it on chicken, pork chops, even on roasted vegetables such as cauliflower. So feel free to double up on the spice mix and keep it close by to add a… Continue reading Spice Crusted Pork Tenderloin

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Asian Inspired Grilled Squash With Sesame Salmon

This asian inspired dish is perfect for a beautiful fall day.  It enables you to take full advantage of squash season, yet still light enough for the warm weather, taking full advantage of BBQ season.  Uncomplicated, the squash can be prepared in advance and just reheated gently as the fish takes no time at all,… Continue reading Asian Inspired Grilled Squash With Sesame Salmon

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Duck with Prunes and 5 Spice Sauce

The kids wanted prunes the other day at the supermarket but a week later they were still uneaten and since I had duck in the freezer, it was a perfect match to use up those prunes to their full potential. I know duck seems a bit intimidating to do but really, if you follow a… Continue reading Duck with Prunes and 5 Spice Sauce

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Grilled Curry Tofu and Zucchinis

So I was home alone for dinner with no one else to feed but myself and had no protein that were readily available and so I turned to my good old friend the firm tofu! Curry adds just the right amount of zing I needed to turn this tofu into a great meal!  And of… Continue reading Grilled Curry Tofu and Zucchinis

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Grilled Halloumi BLT Salad

This salad pulls itself together in no time and will satisfy that salad craving without leaving you still hungry.  Halloumi cheese is terrific; it is salty and firm and will not melt away when grilled or cooked, giving you perfect grill marks every time and making it a great addition to any salad.  For a… Continue reading Grilled Halloumi BLT Salad