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Leftover Pizza

This recipe is not really a recipe it’s more of a way to empty out your fridge from leftovers when you don’t have enough of anything to really make anything new with them and make your kids happy in the process.  Pizza is the perfect way to accomplish this.  You can even have everyone pick what they want to put on their portion or if you are like me and have small kids that are  picky with their veggies you can just blitz them in a tomato sauce and they will never know! ; )

The first step is to assemble everything on a piece of bread.  It can be any kind of bread you have on hand: leftover baguette, tortillas or just plain bread.   You could also substitute your bread for a vegetable such as zucchinis or eggplants.

Next step is to put some sort of sauce and again it could be any leftover sauce: spaghetti, marinara, pesto, etc.  Then pile on the leftovers: meat, veggies, etc.  Try to avoid the items that would take too long too cook such as raw carrots.  And finish this superb leftover meal by topping the whole thing with cheese.

Cook in the oven at 450°F until cheese is golden brown.


  • Leftovers!!!!

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