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Fruit Yogurt Popsicles

Breakfast in the frozen form?!? When it is 30°C outside there is only one answer : YES PLEASE! I went shopping last weekend with one of my boys to a kitchen accessory store and we bought popsicle molds. The possibilities are really infinite with these but I liked the fact that I could take them apart individually.  But more importantly, what kid does not like popsicles??? And I’m pretty sure that if you offer popsicles as breakfast, you will win many hearts in the process.

These 2 ingredients popsicles are uncomplicated, healthy and soooo good! Simply blend in a blender or with the hand blender the plain yogourt and fruit of your choice, pour in your popsicle molds and voilà!  4 hours later my boys were licking away a healthy treat.  And the next morning, there was absolutely no guilt with having some for breakfast!

PS: There’s no pictures because one, they melt and two, they were gone before I had the chance to! 🙂

Ingredients for 6 popsicles

  • 2 cups of plain 2% yogourt
  • 2 cups of fruit

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